February 24, 2010

Let us strengthen our belief towards inner beauty...InshaALLAH

Beauty means the quality of being to the sense or to the mind while pain means the feeling that you have in your body when you have been hurt or when you are sick. “Beauty is pain, Pain is beauty” represent lots of meaning to everybody. Some of people interpret the title as cosmetic surgery which is willing to sacrifice their money just to look good even they are in pain. It has been reported in News Straits Times on 26th March 2009, that a mother of three died during follow-up treatment of liposuction procedure. It was also proven that people were willing to do anything just to look beautiful even though they already knew that it brings more harm than good. Allah SWT makes a natural covering for all His creatures but not for His best creation: the human being. Instead, Allah tells us why and how we should beautify ourselves. Then Allah leaves us to choose whether to obey or not.
Nowadays, there seem no limits that women or men are prepared to go to for that 'perfect look'. Just forget false eyelashes and wigs, we are now talking scalpels, implants and liposuction. Cosmetic surgery is famous amongst film actress, but nowadays it is not that hard to find ordinary women who are more plastics than real. For an example, by having multiple facelift has become a status symbol. In the Qur'an, Allah specifically said “So set your face truly to the faith, Allah's handiwork according to the pattern on which He has made mankind; (Let there be) no change in the creation of Allah”(Ar-Rum:30). From that, it is our obligation for us to accept the creation of Allah. There is no need making alterations to it. We as a Muslim, have to have faith that all of Allah’s creation is beautiful. It is undeniable because Allah is the Khaaliq (Creator), creating everything with beauty and perfection.
One of famous philosopher, Khalil Gibran, stated that “Beauty is not in the face but the beauty is a light in the heart”. Physical appearance does not really portray whether the person is beautiful or not. Beauty is enlightened by the piety and good characteristics. Why we have to choose to be in pain just to look beautiful? Whom you want to impress by having beautiful appearance but at the same time your heart is cultivated with bad behaviors’? Pain is not the right answer for beauty. The Noble Qur'an says: “O children of Adam! We have sent clothing to you to cover the shameful parts of your body and to serve as a protection and decoration; but the best clothing is the clothing of piety” (Al-A’raaf: 26). The right answer of beauty itself is piety. Our prophet Muhammad SAW also taught us a prayer which is “O Allah, as you have made my appearance beautiful, likewise make my character beautiful”. This is proven that in Islam inner beauty is important.
There will be reasons for everything happen in our life. So it is from the wisdom of Allah that He has chosen to create some of us short, others tall, some fat, some thin, some dark-colored, some light. We are beautiful and perfect in our own right. In the Qur'an, Allah tells the believers that Allah knows what is best for us. Specifically, it says “…It may be that you dislike a thing and the same is good for you, and you love a thing and the same is bad for you: Allah knows but you do not.” (Al –Baqarah: 216). For an example, she has a dark skin, but then she went for treatment to be fairer than before, then hoping that she will become more attractive. With her new attraction, she has forgotten her obligation to Allah. As a conclusion we may be proud to feel satisfy with our new appearance but it may affected our obedient to the Almighty.
As a conclusion, it is clearly mentioned that we should not manipulate Allah’s creations. We need to be proud of our own beauty. It is not about having satisfaction by altering Allah’s creations, but it is the command from Allah. From that, let us strengthen our belief towards inner beauty. Indeed, it is important to pay particular attention on both inner and outside aspect of beauty. The good deeds are obvious throughout the action and personality joins hand in hand along good intention. Allah knows the best for us because we are His creation.


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